About Us

Emerging from the Ethos of the National Institute of Design, Studio Carbon was co-founded by 9 passionate designers in 2018. The studio is built on a philosophy that believes in the omnipresent nature of design. Here is a sneak peak at what Studio Carbon is about.

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We are an award winning design studio that works at the intersection of technology, systems thinking and story telling to realize a better future. We believe in a collaborative approach towards design, capitalizing on our multi-talented, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team of creators to design resilient solutions. We aim to tell captivating stories through our work, and in doing so, leave a mark, on the story of humanity.


Studio Carbon has its roots in India with a seed in The Netherlands. Our presence in these locations gives us a unique perspective of two extreme markets and user bases, helping us develop as a more global design studio.


The story of Studio Carbon began way before it was founded. As young and enthusiastic Product Design students, our co-founders entered NID with big dreams and ambitions. Instantly clicking with each other, they found out the real potential of design during the Systems Design course. The idea for the studio began as a light-hearted discussion at our “chai gate”. As we met further, things started getting more detailed, more serious and more real. On the 12th of April, 2018,  this group of nine designers came together and announced to the world their plan for the studio. In the video, you can see the moment that marks the very genesis of the idea of Studio Carbon. Just 3 months later, Studio Carbon opened its very first office in Ahmedabad.


We know the question that would come to your mind. Why Carbon? Well, Carbon is the basic building block of life. It is the most versatile element and seamlessly integrates with many other elements. It is ubiquitous. An integral part of everything we see, yet invisible to our eyes. Just like design. You see, the element perfectly describes what we are as a studio. Fundamental. Flexible. Affable. Similarly, our studio logo is the basis of everything we stand for. Designed and officially adopted on 25th August, 2018, the logo is derived out of the letter ‘क’ from the Devanagiri script. The blues show dynamism, the yellows stands for a childlike curiosity, while the reds show an adventurous streak. The logo is designed to depict our presence in both the 3D and 2D space.