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We are looking for an addition to our team of carbons, with the ability of visualising the future of spaces and experience, also see through the reachability from the present, a Spatial Visionary. Many may have good spatial design experience & skills, but addition to that you must be interested and eager to learn and explore new domain such as Design for Space (Not just earth), Tangible and Intangible Experience design, Systems Design, Architecture and Urban design or complete design umbrella, there’s no limit to learn and grow. We want someone who can work with our team of designers and create the next generation understanding of spatial design & Experiential strategies.

We’re expanding our end-to-end various design departments, so we’ll need your strategic thinking and collaborative design chops at every stage of the game, from research to implementation of our outcomes. You should be self motivated to execute assigned work and to acquire new skills to keep bringing new value to the table.

You could be a design student looking to get some real world experience. You could be a graduate looking to dip slowly into the market. Or a freelancer looking for something stable. Either ways, you have to be someone with an intense love for your vocation. Someone who enjoys bringing ideas to life. Enjoys creating, imagining and pushing the limits.

At Studio Carbon, we love to work in collaboration, and not in competition. So we are looking for someone who works well in a team.


+ Formal Degree in Architecture / Spatial / Exhibition / Retail & Space / Interior Design. (Must)

+ A strong online portfolio of the latest relevant work that reflects your strengths in relevant work areas and field of interests

+ Experience with any CAD applications such as - Sketchup3D, Rhino3D, AutoCAD etc

+ Experience with 3D visualisation tools such as - 3Ds Max, V-Ray, Lumion, Keyshot etc

+ Experience with presentation and conceptualisation tools such as - Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud - Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, InDesign etc

+ Working knowledge with the building materials, properties and execution methods

+ Expert knowledge of building products, construction details and relevant rules regulations and quality standards

+ Solid understanding of the Ergonomics, Composition, Scale & Proportions.

+ Familiarity with various Design theories, Design & Psychology

+ Solid Communication and Project Management skills

+ Visual awareness about surrounding, observations, listening skills and a great eye for detail

+ You are a problem solver with good analytical skills


+ Be an integral part of the core team of Carbons. Gain valuable knowledge and experience.

+ Get a chance to work on a variety of design projects across different fields.

+ Gain valuable experience on how to apply your academic knowledge in live projects.

+ Be heard and see your choices go out into the real world.

+ Be part of our studio story and legacy.


+ Involvement and Control project from start to finish to ensure high quality, innovative and functional design

+ Take the “brief” to identify clients’ needs and put together feasibility report and design proposal

+ Active participation in ideation and brainstorm sessions.

+ Developing ideas keeping in mind clients’ needs, product’s usage and individual / social / community or Environmental impact

+ Collaborating with cross-functional teams to define and design new features

+ Produce detailed blueprints and make necessary corrections

+ Compile project specifications

+ Create micro-interactions / Model / Mockup for a better user-experience evaluation

+ Keeping design execution and implementation within budget and timeline

+ Ensure that all works are carried out to specific standards, building codes, local or affiliated guidelines and regulations

+ Make on site visits to check on project status and report on project (if required)

+ Cooperate and liaise with relevant professionals in meetings, projects and sessions

+ Follow various architectural, spatial, exhibition design or relevant trends and news & advancement, keeping upto date

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