our services

Studio carbon provides a variety of services, as part of its consultancy division. These range from product design, strategic design and communication design, to a full-fledged system design. Our services are best illustrated as a tri-layered sphere. Each of the layers is explained below. You can choose the level of design intervention you want. Just want renders and CAD models? We can enact it. Want help with design research? We can engage with stakeholders. Want to bring about behavioral changes in your workforce? We can empower them with design skills. Using firm design principles, we help you create thoughtful strategies, systems and products. With our work, we aspire to make the world a more pleasant and resilient place, one idea at a time.


We aim to move forward with collaboration, rather than competition. So, if you think we can collaborate on a project, feel free to get in touch!

we enact

Industrial design | Graphic design | User Interface design

Everything begins with an idea. However, it is not just great ideas, but the successful execution of them, that makes a difference. Studio carbon is adept at taking an idea and seeing it through to reality. In this section of projects, we work on enacting an existing idea. With a keen sense of aesthetics, our team is at home, thoughtfully designing products or digital assets for any idea that you may have. So, if you have an idea, be it tangible, digital or anything in between, studio carbon can make it happen.

we engage

Strategy design | Participatory design | Experiential design

When designing products and experiences that truly incorporate a holistic process, it is essential to include its stakeholders. Instead of designing in silos, studio carbon engages with clients, analysts and consumers, to develop a user centric outcome. Using collaborative design tools, we create brand strategies, insights, design research, brainstorm sessions, design education material and much more. With experience in a wide range of collaborative workshops, studio carbon can help you design products and strategies that are truly thoughtful.

we empower

Systems thinking | Design thinking | Visual thinking

We at studio carbon believe that principles of design can, and should be used by everyone. All professions can benefit from design thinking, and will make for much better products, services and systems. In this section of projects, we design and conduct workshops and sessions to empower students, employees and professionals to inculcate the tools of design, systems and visual thinking in their decision making process. If you think that any group in or around your organization can take advantage of this skill set, studio carbon can take care of it.

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