code guild
The Code Guild is an organization that provides a platform for young minds to learn and experiment with coding, a subject that is generally saved for later in life. We created a strong brand language for the organization, so that it stands out amongst the competition.

a mission to code

Code guild’s goal is to educate and provide exposure to the world of coding for kids form a young age, and open a gateway to endless possibilities.

the logo story

The logo is modeled after a semi colon, which is frequently used and associated with coding.

Semicircles are used to cut into the comma, to form the initials of the organization, C and G.

The semicircles have also been used as the brand identifiers, thereby forming a complete identity.

visuals and colours

Code Guild is a youthful, friendly brand and resonates with young minds with an emphasis on playful colors and visuals that are easy on the eyes.

The students are able to relate to the simplistic but at the same time, very representative nature of the visuals.

The Trusty Cobalt is the base color, with the deep hue paired with white giving out a trustworthy and modern vibe.

Picnic Yellow and Quirky Orange are the accent colors, conveying a playful and lively perception, keeping the students engaged.

lively identifiers

Simple, colorful shapes have been used to bring about a playful vibe, and can be put into effect by subtly changing the orientation and composition, thereby adding value.

Another intention using the identifiers is to visualize an unbounded feeling. The identifiers are used across the canvas, and with a bleed effect, which also alludes to the phrase, “knowledge is without limits”.

brand assets

The assets are meticulously constructed to fit perfectly with the youth centric and playful theme of the brand.

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