Dungse is a collaborative of Studio Carbon and Studio Lindey Cafsia. With a central core of material innovation around cow dung, Dungse aims at giving the age old natural material a contemporary spin with applications ranging across interiors, products and architecture.

Shit matters

With a whopping 300 million cows in India alone, it accounts for the production of 3 million tons of cow dung. Majority of the dung often goes wasted while also being known for its continual greenhouse gas emission, when left untouched. Whereas India is also home to indigenous knowledge on various applications of cow dung and this ancient knowledge is on a rapid decline. We thought, why not revive some of these indigenous practices and in the process also address the "excess dung" issue, and hence began the journey of Dungse.

How it got real!

What began as a curious material experiment, soon picked up pace into a full-blown inhouse project of Studio Carbon. With several material composites being made and tested. The material composites were made with the base component as cow dung and several bio-material wastes were used as secondary additives along with binders. The materials showed promising attributes and applications in various sectors.

Getting it together

With several iterative tests and mixtures, the composites were refined with varying  combinations of additives and binders. Of the many samples, the promising ones were continually refined for feasible properties. The material samples displayed properties akin to traditional materials such as wood, concrete, etc. The materials were capable of being molded, shaped and worked up like traditional materials.

Sustainable solutions

Cow dung releases greenhouse gases continually even while lying around. Hence its harvest and use would mean reducing the static emission largely. The composite material of dung and other bio-materials could serve as worthy alternatives to materials such as wood, concrete, etc. thus further helping in cutting down the carbon footprint. The application of dungse's materials range across a spectra of industries.

A systemic approach

We believe in systems and the interconnected nature of the world we live in and love. We believe in bringing about humble changes through simple yet effective solutions. Decentralizing the production system of Dungse's range of materials by empowering farmers is what we are working towards. The resulting value addition to dung would mean a cow doesn't become a liability post its lactation period, and thus ensuring the welfare of cows.