about us

Emerging from the ethos of the National Institute of Design, studio carbon is the vision of nine passionate designers, each having their own diverse skill sets that complement each other. Studio Carbon has its roots in India, and a seed in The Netherlands, slowly growing strong.

Studio Carbon is committed to stretch the boundaries of design, and explore its potential. We aspire to make design a fundamental part of how people think and create. We aim to tell captivating stories through our work, and in doing so, leave a mark, on the story of humanity.

why carbon?

Carbon is the basic building block of life. It is the most versatile element and seamlessly integrates with many other elements. It is omnipresent. An integral part of everything we see, yet invisible to our eyes. Just like design. You see, the element perfectly describes what we are as a studio. Fundamental. Flexible. Affable.

Similarly, our studio logo is the basis of everything we stand for. Designed and officially adopted on 25th August, 2018, the carbon logo is derived out of the letter ‘ka’ from the Devnagiri script. It brings a sense of Indian-ness to the brand, yet keeps it contemporary. The logo shows spectrum of colours from a cool blue to a warm red. Being a team of very diverse individuals, each colour represents a different variant of the studio. The blues show dynamism, the yellows stands for a childlike curiosity, while the reds show an adventurous streak.

meet the carbons

Our team comprises of nine dreamers and design enthusiasts. We are NID batchmates and friends, who resonated really well together, the moment we met. Back in July 2018, Studio Carbon was just an idea. A mere word. But it was an idea shared by a team of passionate designers. Since then, we have come a long way. We have grown as a studio and as individuals.

No matter what each of us does, we are all story tellers at heart, and try to tell captivating stories through our work. We like questioning everything, and constantly attempt to do disruptive innovation. We are a bunch of curious minds, and if you happen to visit our studios, you might catch us tinkering, or in one of our intense discussions about life, tech or anything in between.