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At Carbon Labs, innovation is more than a concept—it's a commitment. Explore a realm where ideas come to life, where creativity knows no bounds, and where transformative design is incubated into reality. Carbon Labs is our innovation hub, where we foster groundbreaking ideas that have the power to change the world.



Bridging the Gap Between Tech and Fitness

Step into the future of sports and fitness technology with Hyperlab. This lab of ours merges the physical and virtual realms, helping you enhance your reflexes, agility, and stamina simultaneously. With a core belief in "Tech for All," our cutting-edge products redefine fitness—from gym workouts to high-performance sports. Interested in collaborating? Dive into our website to know more!

Featured in Shark tank and secured funding
Top 30 tech Startups India - Your Story
4 Patents registered
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Dungse Labs
Transforming Tradition, Shaping Tomorrow

Discover the extraordinary journey of Dungse Labs, our foray into material innovation. From contemporary cow dung composites to cutting-edge bio-based ones, witness how traditional materials are reinvented sustainably. We amplify the inherent qualities of cow dung, creating anti-microbial, lightweight, and water-repulsive materials that redefine the way we build.

Value Added Products Runner Up - Startup India Awards 2019
Awarded $110,000 worth of grants
16+ publications and 4 distinguished research partners
Dungse material
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