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Oct 23, 2019

In the summer of 2019, we sat down to contemplate the future of innovation in the world. We saw the world looking forward to AI managers and robo run cities, travel blogs from mars and self driving bicycles. But all the years, while the world looked forward, it forgot to look back at the shit that had been piling up. The shit from the 1 billion cows that were feeding us. We called up our ancestors and found out this excrement had magical powers.

Its textures were known to calm children down.
Its atoms were known to absorb radiation,
its fibers were known to regulate room temperatures

And that’s when it dawned on us that the biggest innovation the world has ever seen was staring us right in our face, and it was our time to embrace it and build a future from shit. This is how Dungsé was born.

Dungse logo

Dungsé is a range of new building materials created out of cow dung that resemble properties of traditional materials like wood, concrete, wool, and plastic. It is a future ready material, that will amaze you with the versatility of its applications. Our materials are completely circular, sustainable and designed to perfection. They are built to last, but if over the years they do get worn out, what the hell just dunk it in your garden and let the soil bugs have a feast.

The project was conceived with the idea of building future materials that embrace nature in its entirety and re-imagine possibilities that are conducive to life itself. It is our first in-house project, and we have worked tirelessly to create reliable and unique materials using dung.

Studio Carbon has collaborated with Studio Lindey Cafsia to create a wide range of unique materials, made from dung composites. This entire range of Dungsé materials will be on display at the Dutch Design Week 2019. You can visit us on 19–27th October at Design Perron, Eindhoven, Netherlands. We recommend that you drop by and personally look, feel, smell and experience the endless possibilities that cow-dung provides.

. . .

We’ve currently created a library of 18 unique dung composites, each with its unique properties and uses.

. . .

We are excited about the unlimited possibilities that these materials hold. Their potential is only limited by your imagination! If you think Dungse can be used in some way for your product and material needs, are interesting in collaborating, or just want to share some thoughts about the project, reach us at create@studiocarbon.in

Let’s bond! And let’s get it dung!