An illustrated book that our very own Itika worked. A story of our relationship with Earth, in a time it is needed to be read the most.

We are all in the midst of re-designing our lives to play our part in “Saving the world” from COVID-19. There hasn’t been a better time for us earthlings to realise how connected we all our. To see in realtime how our small lives and actions can go a long way in giving hope to someone sitting miles away. At the end of the day we’re all a part of one living force, of Gaia(The Earth).

Here is a little book to help you ponder your relationship with her. We had co-authored it with a dear friend Amarpreet, and illustrated the poem as a tribute to Gaia and all that lives with her, with-in her.

Let’s slow down and rediscover our connect — with Her,
Let’s realign for a future of Abundance for everything — within Her.

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