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Founded in 2018, Arceon has revolutionized the production of advanced materials, making them cost-effective, scalable, and high-performing. Originally focused on the space and defense sectors in the Netherlands, Arceon's innovative approach has catapulted them across Europe as the go-to manufacturing partner for companies seeking advanced material solutions.

The Arceon Advantage

Arceon's groundbreaking work lies in their ability to simplify the manufacturing process of advanced materials, once considered exotic and unattainable. They produce carbon fiber reinforced composites capable of withstanding temperatures up to 2800°C. This innovation opens up new possibilities for sectors like Space, Defense, Semiconductor, and Energy, offering them materials that enhance their innovations significantly.

Branding for the Extreme

Our mission was to encapsulate Arceon's innovative spirit and transformative technologies into a cohesive brand identity. This involved developing a comprehensive ethos, visual identity (including logo, color, and font systems), visual language, and translating these elements into essential brand collaterals such as letterheads, visiting cards, presentation decks, and a material nomenclature system.

Material Manifestations

In aligning with Arceon's pioneering spirit, Studio Carbon embarked on creating a visual identity that reflects the resilience and versatility of Arceon's materials. Our approach was grounded in tangible media, exploring textures and patterns that resonate with Arceon's core identity. As a result, most of Arceon’s graphic elements are derived from various tactile explorations, leading to a rich visual language that is both unified and distinctive.

Designing for Resilience

The logo we designed for Arceon stands as a powerful emblem of the company's daring mission to "Transcend Boundaries" and venture into new realms of excellence. This logo, with its bespoke wordmark, is a symbol of Arceon's belief in the infinite potential of human creativity and ingenuity. Moreover, we introduced a simple yet scalable material nomenclature system, where each material is given a unique identity. The visual trademarks, connected to Arceon's foundational logo, enhance brand recall, making the system efficient and cohesive.

Our collaboration with Arceon is a testament to Studio Carbon's commitment to empowering organizations to shape humanity's future through thoughtful design. By crafting a robust ethos and visual identity for Arceon, we've laid a foundation that not only represents their innovative spirit but also positions them as leaders in the advanced materials sector. With Arceon, we designed a brand that is as futuristic as the materials Arceon creates.

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Advanced Materials

Visual identity

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Drastically improved Arceon's market position and brand perception

The cohesive visual identity system enhanced Arceon's brand recall and market presence.

The material nomenclature system introduced a scalable way to categorize Arceon's products, facilitating better customer engagement.

The strong, unified brand identity positioned Arceon as a leader in the advanced materials industry, strengthening it’s appeal to key sectors like Space, Defense, Semiconductor, and Energy.
Minu Margaret
Founder, Blissclub

We are extremely happy with the outcomes from every aspect, being the product design, branding, and website. The workflow was very smooth and fluent. We were connected throughout the process through emails and calls. There was a continuous flow of communication and we were updated on every progress. The passion with which they worked toward the project was commendable. The team was very dedicated and came up with creative ideas and solutions whenever required. Also, the transparency regarding time spent on the project was very organized, and they were very flexible and accommodating when we had any changes.