Based in Palo Alto, California, with a robust R&D team in India, Nexstem is at the forefront of revolutionizing brain-computer interface (BCI) technology. Their technology enables users to control devices through thoughts alone, leading to a significant leap forward in neuroscience and various industries, including healthcare, prosthetics, education, gaming, and more. If you have seen Matrix (1999) or have heard of Neuralink, you might already be familiar with BCI technology. Nexstem’s technology pioneers a non-invasive BCI that is commercially available for all enthusiasts, irrespective of their experience.

Integrated Design

As the product was aimed for a market release, Nexstem needed a strong brand identity, product, web app and website. That is when Studio Carbon’s long term partnership with Nexstem began. As one of our most comprehensive design projects, Nexstem stands as a testament to our brand of integrated design, with seamless integration between Visual design, Industrial Design and UI/UX Design. This synchronicity is the result of our prowess as a full-service design agency, capable of navigating the entire spectrum of design and beyond.

The Genesis of Thought

Rene Descartes famously asserted, "I think, therefore I am." Yet, when we shift our perspective, we realize that our thinking can also be a constraint, limiting us to what we can envision. Nexstem acts as a catalyst for transcending these boundaries. It propels us not just to think, but to “think beyond thought,” unleashing possibilities beyond our imagination. This seed of thought germinated into the entire Brand Philosophy of Nexstem.

Branding Evolution

Nexstem’s brand design is an endeavour to create a comprehensive design ecosystem that not just reflects the brand’s ambitious vision, but also adapts to any platform that Nexstem chooses to venture into. The logo symbolizes the limitless expansion of human intellect, complemented by a palette that captures the essence of human thought. The grainy texture embodies the abstract nature of our dreams, and the graphic elements, inspired by the BCI electrode map, underscore connectivity and innovation. Each aspect of the visual style was meticulously designed to echo Nexstem’s core values and ethos.

Mind Expanded

As the brand was shaping up, we worked simultaneously on creating the BCI headset of the future. Our challenge was to create something that looked simple, approachable and futuristic, while also having the flexibility to accommodate various head shapes and sizes. After numerous ideations and refining through 10 iterations, we crafted a design that became the cornerstone of Nexstem's brand image. Not only could it house all of the necessary electronic components and was manufacture-ready, but it also exuded a sleek and modern elegance.

Designing Experiences

Nexstem’s Wisdom SDK web application represents a groundbreaking stride towards democratizing BCIs. A pioneering 'no code' approach allows users to design experiments, deploy, and analyze data effortlessly, marking a first in the BCI field. The platform is designed to offer both specialists and the general populace an accessible gateway to sophisticated BCI tools. Celebrated by a community of researchers and enthusiasts, the app's user-friendly and appealing interface has garnered accolades, including the ‘Augmented Entertainment’ award at Paris VIVA Tech 2022. Finally, the Nexstem website was a culmination of all of our design work, and helped the brand put its best foot forward in the digital world.

Studio Carbon's collaboration with Nexstem has set a new precedent in the fusion of design and technology, culminating in a user-centered ecosystem that not only advances the BCI domain but also democratizes it for wider accessibility. This partnership exemplifies how thoughtful design can elevate technology, fostering solutions that enhance lives and pave the way for a future, where barriers are dissolved by the power of thought.

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Gennext Product Design Winner - CII Design Excellence Awards 2021
Product Design Mark Winner - Golden Pin Design Awards 2022
Augmented Entertainment Winner - VIVA Technology 2022
Application & Software Design Winner - CII Design Excellence Awards 2022
Deepansh Goyal
Deepansh Goyal
Co-Founder & CTO, NexStem

Nexstem's BCI has been making a significant impact since its launch in February 2022, garnering recognition and accolades globally. With a cohesive and distinctive brand identity, Nexstem has stirred the market following its rebranding. The brand and logo have received positive attention at international expos and exhibitions, attracting investment and heightened recognition. Investors have taken notice of the substantial recall value generated by the rebranding, and the impressive outcome of the project has left a lasting impression. The communication was effortless, resulting in a well-coordinated and effective outcome. Throughout the project, the team maintained a continuous dialogue, ensuring that all aspects were covered precisely. Studio Carbon’s design philosophy is truly one of a kind. Their thought process, design approach, and presentation style is unparalleled. It's a rare gem to find talent who not only exudes passion but also possesses mastery in the cutting-edge field of deep tech.