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Blissclub is an Indian-born brand that pioneered movewear for women. With a dedicated mission to engineer products and experiences for half a billion Indian women, they have transformed the way women embrace movement in their daily lives. Taking an evolutionary leap, Blissclub initiated a rebranding effort with Studio Carbon, following significant investment to propel rapid expansion. This move aimed to redefine and strengthen the brand, positioning it for accelerated growth and a dynamic future.

Movewear is Here

Our journey began with a deep dive into the realms of athleisure, athletic wear, and loungewear, aiming to gain comprehensive insights into strategic positioning. This exploration paved the way for the inception of 'movewear’, a distinct category that beautifully encapsulates Blissclub's apparel line. This strategic move intentionally positions the brand apart from other athleisure products in the market. Movewear seamlessly tailors comfort and functionality, perfectly aligning with Blissclub's commitment to offer clothing that celebrates women who move, intentionally and unabashedly.

Body Neutrality

Body neutrality represents a transformative approach to how we perceive and relate to our bodies, distinguishing itself from the body positivity movement by advocating for a stance of neutrality towards physical appearance. Studio Carbon built the new brand around this concept, and pushed Blissclub towards a brand that fosters a healthier relationship with one's body, emphasizing acceptance and appreciation for its intrinsic value.

Mission Sophistication

Elevating the brand required a comprehensive reassessment of the visual elements, starting with the logo. A significant shift was made from a rounded sans-serif wordmark commonly associated with playful kids' products, to a custom sans-serif combination mark. This strategic transition brought a sense of sophistication and elegance to the brand, redefining it as a premium entity.

Bridging the Digital & Tangible

Continuing with this evolution, it was essential to bridge the gap between the tangible aspects of the brand and its digital presence. The development of a comprehensive color system and the careful design of graphical elements established a unified brand visual language across all of Blissclub's digital platforms and physical stores nationwide. This meticulous approach ensures that every interaction point a customer has with the brand reflects the visual essence of Blissclub, offering a cohesive and enriched experience.

Our collaboration with Blissclub underscores Studio Carbon's dedication to fostering brands that aim to make a significant impact. By redefining Blissclub's visual identity and strategic positioning, we crafted a narrative that celebrates movement in all its forms, encouraging women to embrace their journey with confidence and grace. Together, we didn’t just design apparel. We crafted a movement that champions the spirit of women.

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Recognition  |  IMPACT
Social media engagement increased by over 100% post the rebrand.
Fostered a positive sentiment around the brand through the body neutrality philosophy.
Increased appeal to a broader demographic seeking quality and style in their activewear.
Blissclub successfully established its presence with 9 stores across the country using its new brand language.
Minu Margaret
Founder, Blissclub

We are extremely happy with the outcomes from every aspect, being the product design, branding, and website. The workflow was very smooth and fluent. We were connected throughout the process through emails and calls. There was a continuous flow of communication and we were updated on every progress. The passion with which they worked toward the project was commendable. The team was very dedicated and came up with creative ideas and solutions whenever required. Also, the transparency regarding time spent on the project was very organized, and they were very flexible and accommodating when we had any changes.