A person on an innovative blue EPICK brand electric bicycle, poised on a city street, with a focus on the sleek design of the bike.


With the vision to shape the future of mobility, we embarked on an exhilarating journey with E-Pick bikes, an ambitious electric mobility brand that is revolutionizing the B2B space. As they prepared to make their foray into the D2C market, already dominated by giants like Hero and 91 by KTM, E-Pick bikes approached us to craft a brand that could stand out—not just for its products but also for its philosophy.

Branding for the Future: Be the Shift

The transition from E-Pick to Epick was more than a change of name—it was the birth of a new identity. With a focus on modernity, coolness, and an "epic" persona, we reimagined their brand to resonate with a call to action that today's consumers could root for - "Be the Shift". It perfectly captured the founder’s vision and the company's forward-thinking philosophy, and became the slogan for the brand, encouraging individuals to lead the change towards electric mobility.

The logo, inspired by the form of a bike pedal, shows a sheared symmetry, encapsulating Epick Bikes' dynamic and bold spirit. This design cleverly integrates the "E" and the "B" of the brand, with the forward tilt symbolizing a shift towards a more sustainable and electrified future.

The Extra Mile

For the Bike Design, our challenge was to reimagine the electric bike within the constraints of engineering, battery, and material limitations. It was impossible to avoid the generic Double Triangle form if we didn’t do something different. To give us the flexibility and freedom of design, we suggested going for Aluminium Casting. Epick was not only up for the challenge, but also encouraged us to style the product with a unique silhouette. As a result, we achieved a form that was both aspirational and practical. The result was a monolithic form that stands out, with or without its removable battery, ready to spark conversations and turn heads.

Showcasing Innovation

To encapsulate the essence of Epick Bikes, Studio Carbon also undertook the design of their website, showcasing the brand and its products in all their glory. This project highlighted the power of integrated design, as we saw the brand’s identity and the product’s form seamlessly translate into the digital realm. The website completed the transformation of Epick Bikes, with a cohesive and immersive brand experience.

In reimagining Epick Bikes, Studio Carbon navigated the intricate balance between form and function, be it in the form of crafting an identity that instills a sense of action, progress, and responsibility towards the environment, or in pushing the boundaries of product design, or in creating a website that encapsulates the brand ethos from first glance to final purchase. Our journey with Epick Bikes is a testament to our belief that good design transcends aesthetics, becoming a catalyst for shifts in the industry.

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Mobility Design Mark Winner - CII Design Excellence Awards 2022
Aradh Vemula
Aradh Vemula
CEO & Co-Founder, Epick Bikes

We are extremely happy with the outcomes from every aspect, being the product design, branding, and website. The workflow was very smooth and fluent. We were connected throughout the process through emails and calls. There was a continuous flow of communication and we were updated on every progress. The passion with which they worked toward the project was commendable. The team was very dedicated and came up with creative ideas and solutions whenever required. Also, the transparency regarding time spent on the project was very organized, and they were very flexible and accommodating when we had any changes.